Introduction to Private Detective Course:

Private Detective is usually out of fantasy world. Surprisingly enough, private detectives became associated with our daily life to a large extent. Situations like the deterioration of industrial security conditions, spouse infidelity and other domestic problems are calling for more and more security and detective personnel. As it is a growing industry the requirement for properly trained individuals is increasing by the day. Consider yourself becoming Sherlock Holmes and how interesting your life would be.


After the completion of course you can start working as detective under any organization or you can set up your own detective agency. You need to have keen observation, attention to detail and start making different kinds of conclusions.


A detective does not require a license to operate within India. So, no particular educational background is required to pursue any course on private investigation. A graduation in any subject makes a person eligible to take up diploma courses offered by certain institutes across the country.

Colleges and Institutes offering Private Detective Course in India:

These are the top colleges in India which provide a deep insight about Private Detective Course:

  • Indore Christian College, Indore
  • The National Institute of Private Investigation, New Delhi
  • ACE Detectives India International Securities, New Delhi
  • All India Private Detective Association, New Delhi
  • Lancers Network Limited, New Delhi

Career Prospects

Future in India:

A private detective can be hired by agencies or individuals for various reasons. The probable fields of action are disputes in family, domestic problems, problems relating to industries, corporate espionage and investigative journalism. An experienced private detective can opt to open an agency of his own.

Future Abroad:

Almost all the major detective agencies in India are branches of registered agencies abroad. So the scope of finding a job abroad is also quite bright.

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