Introduction to Merchant Navy Course:

Merchant Navy offers commercial services which is different from navy, which is largely involved in the defense of a nation. It includes three types of fleets, namely cargo carriers, passenger liners and oil tankers as well as other special type of vehicles. Merchant navy is backbone of international trade. It’s fleet consist of cargo ships, container ships, barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, as well as roll off/roll on ships.


After completing a course in Marine Engineering or Nautical Science, a fresher can be recruited as a junior engineer or Deck Cadet respectively. If you are an adventurous guy and you find travelling very interesting then this is a very interesting career prospect for you. Merchant Navy career is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and a quite challenging.


Pass in 10+2(12TH grade) with Maths, Physics and Chemistry as subjects. Person should be unmarried before joining this course.

Colleges and Institutes offering Merchant Navy Courses in India:

Top Institutes offering Merchant Navy Courses in India:

  • Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies- Mumbai
  • International Maritime Institute (IMI) Delhi
  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies Chennai
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET) Pune
  • Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering (ITME) Kolkata
  • B.P. Marine Academy Navi Mumbai
  • TS Rahaman Mumbai
  • Indian Maritime University (IMU) Chennai
  • Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) Coimbator

Career Prospects

Future in India:

Companies like Shipping Corporation of India, Great Eastern Shipping, Essar and Chowgule Shipping need people for maintaining their ships. Besides this, imported liquor, cigarettes, canned foods, cosmetics are available on board duty free and there is also no income tax imposed on merchant navy personnel earnings.

Future Abroad:

Companies like  Chevron and Mobil of USA, Wallem Ship Management of Hong Kong, Denholm of UK, K Line, Bibby Ship Management, d’Amico etc hire people to operate and maintain cargo ships. Thus, Merchant navy officers can be employed by foreign shipping companies.

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