Introduction to Ayurveda Course:

Ayurveda is a very ancient science taken from vedic scripts belonging to health care sector. Ayurveda is an Sanskrit word where ‘Ayur’ meaning life and “Veda” meaning science. Ayurveda is typically categorized as alternative medicine which even the western people use and found it effective. Ayurveda is curing diseases and ailments using natural medicines like plant leaves, roots, flowers etc. The treatment is based on ‘tridosha (three humnours) or the three element theory: vatha (air), kapha (phlegm) amd pitta (bile). Ayurveda course has much demand these days.


During the training you will get knowledge on various concepts in Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Massages, Treatment Procedures, Marma Points, Pulse Diagnosis Etc, Practical Session includes Kerala speciality massages and other Ayurvedic massage techniques like Face Massage, Head Massage, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Kalari Marma Massage, Massage with Herbal Bags, etc.


Pass in 10+2(12TH grade) with at least 50% and Biology, Physics and Chemistry (Bi.P.C) as subjects. After the Bachelor’s degree you can opt for Master’s degree.

A candidate willing to pursue this course must be 17 years of age.

Colleges and Institutes offering Ayurveda Course in India:

Some of the institutes that are providing Bachelor of Ayurveda course in India are mentioned below –
•  Shri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh
•  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore
•  Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar
•  JB Roy State Medical College, Kolkata
•  Ayurvedic Medical College, Kolhapur
•  State Ayurvedic College of Lucknow
•  Shri Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur
•  Rishikul Government PG Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Haridwar
•  Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar
•  Asthang Ayurveda College, Indore

Career Prospects

Future in India:

Successful completion of ayurvedic course will land you a job in government and private hospitals and dispensaries or teaching profession or set up a own clinic or drug control. Part time job while in private practice is also available with the third party accreditation authority like NABH, Insurance companies as Ayurveda expert, Advisors/consultants in private and autonomous organizations.

Future Abroad:

During the decade between 2012 to 2022, the BLS predicts that available positions for Ayurvedic massage therapists will increase by 23%. Most Ayurvedic massage therapists provide wellness support through health spa treatments that usually include several forms of specialized massage.

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