Introduction to Animation and Cartoon Course:

Cartoon is a form of animation that exaggerates reality in some way. Animation is a technique used to create and/or alter the illusion of life and movement. Cartoons can also include drawings and comic strips often 2 Dimensional. In the end animation is a technique not a genre. A cartoon animator is one who have great artistic and imaginary skills. If you think you can handcraft wonders and make visually appealing images then you are the perfect fit for this. A cartoon animator creates graphic images for animated movies, television shows, video games and commercials. Animators create moving images through a series of pictures that change slowly over a sequence. Animator career growth starts as an character animator, lighting specialist, texture artist, compositor, lead animator and at last Art director. Animation and cartoon course is one of the much demanded course in present generation.


Successful completion of training, you can start working as cartoonist for newspapers or media or for movies. Animation movies are on the rise, and even many animated films are getting Oscar Award also. With rise of digital era, as a part of digital marketing you can even be a part of great product oriented videos. So if you are good at art then with no second thought go for this as the career in this industry looks interesting, creative and promising.


You need to qualify class XII exam so that you can pursue a degree in Animation course. You can also go for a Master’s degree in this stream t to have a better knowledge on things.

Colleges and Institutes offering Animation and Cartoon Course in India:

These are the top colleges in India which provide a deep insight about Animation and Cartoon Course:

Career Prospects

Future in India:

India’s animation industry generated revenues to the tune of Rs.51.1 billion in 2015, making a growth rate of 13.8% according to a FICCI-KPMG report. India is said to have nearly 300 animation, 40 visual effects and 85 game development studios with over 15,000 professionals working for them. The future in this Industry is evergreen, all you need to do is to showcase your talent to the world that you don’t settle for even near perfection.

Future Abroad:

Previously animation industry was only aimed at children but now it is a part of entertainment for all sorts of age group. Many top players like Disney Pixar are looking for creative people who can cater their needs.

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